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Big City Breathless

Anyone who has stepped foot into Times Square will understand what I mean when I say it takes your breath away. So much happens so fast, and the city slows for no one. 
Times Square is how I imagine a bizarre to be; the people rushing past you, the different colored light, honking horns, shouting voices, and the overwhelming smell of roasting peanuts and meat. 
As Claire and I rounded the corner of 42nd street and into Time Square we were picked up and dissolved into the shuffle. It was a wonderful and and ongoing whirlwind that carried us through the next 2 days as if time had melted away (so much so that I nearly forgot to blog until now!). 
While we were in New York we saw two incredible shows, Pippin and The Realistic Jonses! We also dined at Hearth, Estela (where we had the BEST beef tartar in the world), and ABC Cocina. In between the food and the shows, and lots and lots of walking,  we also toured four remarkable schools; NYU Gallatin, Pratt, Columbia, and The New School! New York City is such a vibrant place it is no surprise that such diverse learning communities have found their home there. 
Overall, New York was incredible! It left me excited for the day, the moment, and the future. 
We just got into Atlanta and will soon be off to Emory! Stay tuned!

Good Bye New York

Okay, fans, we are not neglecting you.  We have had an amazing couple of days in New York looking at NYU, Columbia, Pratt and The New School, Seeing Pippin and The Realistic Jonses  on Broadway and eating at great restaurants, Hearth, and Estela.  All the details to come, but now we are on our way to Atlanta, and we just haven’t had enough time to blog. So sorry!  But please keep checking in and keep donating. We are sure to come up with some great insights to travel, food, education and mom’s and daughters special time.  Here is our last view of NY, driving over the Williamsburg bridge.  What a gorgeous, vibrant, incredible, hard to top city.  Thank you New Yorkers, and the weather God for a beautiful couple of packed to the hilt days.


Just in case you missed it…

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We’re at the half way point! Just in case you missed anything along the way, here is a quick recap of our journey thus far… We loaded up on coffee from Steam Punk Coffee in Los Angeles before hitting the road and heading straight for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where we learned why San Luis Obispo is considered the “happiest city in the world”. Then it was off to UC Berkeley where we ran the fire trail and learned about utilizing your power as a student for good. Next we braved the long trip up to Oregon where we stopped in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival before heading to Portland to tour Reed College and indulge in all sorts of yummy eats from Le Pigeon and Nostrana, not forgetting Blue Star Donuts (seriously, the best donut of my life!).  From Portland we hopped on a plane that took us to Chicago where we picked up our new car, ate at award winning restaurants Blackbird and Spiaggia, and toured Northwestern and the University of Chicago. (not to mention we took a late night hour pause from our exploring to watch the highly anticipated Game of Thrones finale from our hotel room!) From there we drove to Ann Arbor, Michigan and “Went Blue” then high tailed it to Canada and had a wet and wild time seeing Niagara Falls ey!  Always happy to arrive back to the USA, this time by driving across Rainbow Bridge and after my mom indulged our customs agent by  giving him an autograph for his daughter, we began headed for Ithaca, NY to tour Cornell University, then continued through New York state, where the freeway speed limit changed surreptitiously from 65mph to 55mph and my mom got her first speeding ticket in over 20 years, to Syracuse, and Hamilton College, before heading to Boston. In Boston we visited Tufts University, Emerson College, and Northeastern University and were blessed with ridiculously beautiful weather! Now we are off to New York City where we are looking forward to two Broadway productions and tours of NYU, Columbia University, and The New School! Stay tuned and, as always, please please please consider donating any amount, even a dollar, to the Fulfillment Fund! They need your support!