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In The Moment

Everyone calls it a “bucket” list. I prefer the word “pail”, probably because it conjures up something a bit smaller and more delicate and full of things I might actually do. Somewhere in this photo is a small, pink pail, that was used time and time again to build a giant castle and as fast as the turrets went up, a little hand or foot would knock them down. My “pail” runs the gamet from “trip around the world” to “who can spit a watermelon seed the furthest”. Imagine my sheer joy when Teri and Em asked if we wanted to go on a “Mother/Daughter Road Trip”. It’s on the list! Read more

Owl Eyes

“ONE- TWO –THREE- OWL EYES” That’s a game my daughter and I played many, many times. Nose to nose, we would close our eyes, say “one two three”, then open our eyes at the exact same time and see how big they seemed, just like an owl’s eyes. It made us laugh. A laugh shared between mother and daughter has a depth of joy in a class by itself. I’m glad I have this picture, if I didn’t I might not even remember that moment. When you are in them, moments can seem like things that will either never pass or never be forgotten, but when you reflect back on years and years of them they become like droplets of water in a lake, they can be hard to distinguish from one another. Knowing that, makes embarking on this trip and this blog really exciting. First of all, I’m proud of my daughter. Proud to have a teenager who would have the idea to take a vacation touring colleges and turn it into a fundraising event for students who could only dream of that education. Read more

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

I eat pretty much anything, I mean I might draw the line at monkey brains or live larvae (unless I was on the show “Naked and Afraid”) but one of the reasons I enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu as a full time student after finishing the run on Desperate Housewives, was because of my life long curiosity about preparing and eating foods. I find it just wonderous and am truly in awe of what a brilliant chef can put on a plate.  I’ve been lucky enough to experience memorable meals from around the world. Read more