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He loves me, He loves me not

After our tour of Cornell University, we strolled a peaceful path called the Taughannock Falls hiking trail, that runs along side the Cascadilla Gorge in Ithaca just down the hill from the school.  It was quiet, and quite lush.  Many birds, dragonflies, ducks and an occasional toad (or some mating animal) made pleasant and curious squeaks and squawks as we walked along, taking in the serenity .  I noticed this little area filled with wild daisies and the first thing that popped into my mind was, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Read more

Nostrana Our delicious dinner with a snip :)

From the first step into Nostrana,this vibrant, welcoming restaurant, we knew we’d found an eatery where warm family celebrations met up with elegantly presented delicious food.   Little did we know that we’d be introduced to a knew piece of table ware. The pizza scissors.  Now I guess it’s only appropriate to use on the best thin crust, not soggy, not brittle, just right texture of crust.  But snipping thru my arugala, sauce and cheese with ease, just left me giggling inside (and out) as I created my individual perfectly sized piece of pie perfection.

End to Beginning

When one thing dies, another is born.

I came across this tree stump while wandering the off road trails at Cornell. It reminded me how nothing is ever truly over. When one thing ends, another begins.

Sometimes we must chop down the old in order to let something new and beautiful find a place to thrive.