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Jamie Johnson: Interview With Acclaimed Photographer

While at my local Arclight theater in Hollywood, I had the good fortune of stumbling onto the amazing photographic series, “Vices, or I Will Not.” I was so moved and delighted by this series that I reached out to the photographer, Jamie Johnson, to see if she would be willing to do an interview. To my pleasure, she agreed, and I am so happy to be able to share this post with you. Jamie inspires us with her creative patience to work with a very old and temperamental process called wet plate collodion. Hopefully, you will be inspired to donate to CHLA, as I am still trying to reach the goal of keeping the art room open for a full year!

Em: Why, to you, is art and creativity essential?”

Jamie: “Art is an important part of the world and history. It brings enjoyment and gives a creative outlet to people. Art of all kinds makes me happy! I like to see it, buy it and make it!”

Em: “Describe your own unique process for creating art”

Jamie: “I am a photographer. It is my day job as I photograph commercial clients five days a week. on the weekend I focus on my art. I shoot wet plate collodion process which is one of the earliest forms of photography from the 1800’s. You coat a plate of aluminium with a sticky collodion and then dip in silver nitrate for three minutes. After that, you have less than five minutes to exposure your plate to your subject and develop it. Thus being called “wet Plate” collodion.”

Em: “Do you have a moment of struggle or triumph in producing your art that stands out in you mind?”

Jamie: “With the process I use, it is always hit and miss with each photo. As it takes 10 minutes to shoot just one image and the photo is subject to many reasons that it may or may not come out perfect, from chemicals to the weather–it can be very frustrating.”

Em: “What first inspired you to become an artist?”
Jamie: “Like I said above–Art makes me happy!”


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