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Artist Kim West’s Unusual Journey to Professional Painting

I often find myself hanging out in downtown Los Angeles. One of my favorite bookstores, The Last Bookstore, is there, and of course many of LA’s best restaurants are there too. And I’ve come to notice that you can’t walk very far in the Art’s District without seeing one of Kim West’s gorgeous murals. They have been seen on television shows, in commercials and film productions. If you ever visit downtown LA, chances are you’ll be one of the thousands of tourists taking selfies in front of her art. Kim graciously accepted my request to particitpate in this charitable campaign for Children’s Hospital. I know you’ll enjoy reading about her journey. Read more

Artist Kim West Gallery of Paintings

Kim West studied painting and printmaking at Smith College and Amherst College.  She graduated from the painting department at the Rhode Island School of Design and immediately began exhibiting in Boston, MA.  Her work continues to be exhibited, collected and commissioned by everyday people, art collectors, celebrities, corporations and educational institutions.

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Pop Artists ART MOBB Mike Farhat & Califawnia: Art is a Way of Life

I met Mike and Fawn as fellow volunteers at CHLA.  Their art is truly unique and frankly, jaw droppingly creative.  ArtMobb is known to have star athletes clamoring for their dynamic one of a kind art pieces.  Some have called it “Warhol-esque”; all have called it innovative with a combination of  “street” and “class”.  Mike launched this custom artwork with a piece for Lamar Odom, after which, the popularity of among star athletes exploded.  ArtMobb has been commissioned from people by the likes of Matt Barnes and Carmello Anthony to Mark Cuban and Ellen Degeneres.  Mike and Fawn have practically invented a new genre that has a long standing impact. I know you’ll enjoy a few of their insights on art and life. Read more