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Shakespeare vs. Lord Stanley


Without a doubt getting tickets to popular productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival are about as hard to come by as a ticket to the finals of the Stanley Cup.  People plan for their trip to Ashland far in advance. We were very lucky to procure tickets at the last minute and so witnessed the cunning, villainous,  phenomenal performance of Dan Donohue as Richard III and the crowd pleasing, spectacular Into the Woods. Going to this festival has been on my list since college. I think I screamed with joy when we decided to include it on the trip. The 2015 Season has already been announced so plan your trip now.  Go Kings!



Grab the Brass Ring



The Loof Carousel on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk dates back to 1911.  It is one of the last standing carousels in the United States with a working ring dispenser. Whirl by on your horse. GRAB THE BRASS RING as it comes down the shoot, and at the Loof carousel the goal is to  toss the ring into the clown’s mouth so  his eyes will light up.  As we were  spinning around I pondered this familiar and oft used phrase and how appropriate it seemed , not just for a college road trip tour, but for life itself. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.


In The Moment

Everyone calls it a “bucket” list. I prefer the word “pail”, probably because it conjures up something a bit smaller and more delicate and full of things I might actually do. Somewhere in this photo is a small, pink pail, that was used time and time again to build a giant castle and as fast as the turrets went up, a little hand or foot would knock them down. My “pail” runs the gamet from “trip around the world” to “who can spit a watermelon seed the furthest”. Imagine my sheer joy when Teri and Em asked if we wanted to go on a “Mother/Daughter Road Trip”. It’s on the list! Read more