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I Would Tell Her to Wait

I would tell her to wait.

    I was thirteen when I had my first kid.

    People say its something joyful but it's not.

I would tell her to wait.

    I was sad.

    It was painful and I almost died.

    My body hurt like it was screaming, "This is not supposed to happen."

I would tell her to wait.

    It's too much responsibility.

    I don't go out.

    I'm fifteen and I can't go out.

    I mean it's not all horrible. My grandmother is always there for me and I love 
    my sons

    But don't get me wrong, if a thirteen year old told me she wanted to start a

I would tell her to wait.

Wait for the man who loves you.

I can guarantee the boy you want to start a family with is my husband.  And my 
husband;  well he just has Jesus on his arm and a tattoo that he doesnt' know the
meaning of.


It's not easy having a kid and being a kid. 

Fabiana, age 15


In my future

Samual, age 16 (Guarani)

Most of my friends I play soccer with in my community here in Iguazu drop out of school before the end of seventh grade.

They just want to get out so they quit.

They don’t understand.

I get up and ride the bus into the city, to school, everyday because I am going to get out. I want to have a future; I wanna have everything.

The Sunday Man

Paz, age 13

I have two older sisters. One of them lives in California. She started working for NASA, a mechanical space engineer. My other sister lives here. We almost never see her because she’s a lawyer and is always at work. She’s 24 and the other one is 27. My mother doesn’t work, and my dads an investment manager. And then there’s me. Read more