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Everyone calls it a “bucket” list. I prefer the word “pail”, probably because it conjures up something a bit smaller and more delicate and full of things I might actually do. Somewhere in this photo is a small, pink pail, that was used time and time again to build a giant castle and as fast as the turrets went up, a little hand or foot would knock them down. My “pail” runs the gamet from “trip around the world” to “who can spit a watermelon seed the furthest”. Imagine my sheer joy when Teri and Em asked if we wanted to go on a “Mother/Daughter Road Trip”. It’s on the list! 

A list maker my nature, I loved nothing more than planning a trip, but I will willingly toss my list away and on a whim take the road that has a hand-painted wooden sign nailed to a tree that says, “Beach”.

Our friendship with Teri and Em began in a very organic way. Two moms delving head first into parenting. Two little girls with spirit and energy. From a dance in the pouring rain, to a jump into the pool (fully clothed) on New Years Eve, I couldn’t ask for better traveling companions: a woman who in the dead of night drove hours trying to figure out, from my bad directions and with all her electronic devices out of battery, how to find the “Shell” driveway of the house we rented, off a street with no lights, somewhere on Cape Cod AND when she arrived, after midnight, looked like a million bucks, offered to make us dinner, and gifted us with mounds of Swiss chocolates; and two adventurous, kind and funny girls who give each other books they like to read, have great taste in music, and are ALWAYS smiling.

Hopefully you will enjoy some of what we have to share along the way… a great independent bookstore, the best doughnut in town, the path less traveled.

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