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Good Bye New York

Okay, fans, we are not neglecting you.  We have had an amazing couple of days in New York looking at NYU, Columbia, Pratt and The New School, Seeing Pippin and The Realistic Jonses  on Broadway and eating at great restaurants, Hearth, and Estela.  All the details to come, but now we are on our way to Atlanta, and we just haven’t had enough time to blog. So sorry!  But please keep checking in and keep donating. We are sure to come up with some great insights to travel, food, education and mom’s and daughters special time.  Here is our last view of NY, driving over the Williamsburg bridge.  What a gorgeous, vibrant, incredible, hard to top city.  Thank you New Yorkers, and the weather God for a beautiful couple of packed to the hilt days.


Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher

Teri, Emerson's proud mom, is an award winning actress best known as Lois in Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman, and Susan on Depserate Housewives. She is also the author of NY Times best selling book, Burnt Toast. She loves roadtrips, often using her 1978 VW bus for coastal camping trips. She loves adventures & travel & food. She will be doing most of the driving and will NOT be blogging from the wheel (unless she’s safely parked eating a donut)

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