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In the Kitchen with: Chef Wesley True

Sometimes, straying from the path can be a very good thing.

After getting lost in Montgomery, Alabama, my mom and I haphazardly stumbled across an incredible restaurant, True, where we later found out Oprah had dined only 4 days before! After a delicious and playful meal, I had the honor of interviewing Chef Wesley True, who is working on some pretty awesome stuff! It is truly (no pun intended) incredible to see so much creativity in a single person! Here he gives us a sneak peek into his newest, up and coming project, and shares his thoughts on what one needs to have success. Check out more at and please please please consider donating to the Fulfillment Fund!

Emerson Tenney

Emerson Tenney

Emerson is a junior in high school. She loves literature and is passionate about writing, poetry in particular. When she is not playing the drums, participating in school musical theater, or training for marathons, you can find her with her friends checking out vintage records and used book stores in Hollywood.

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